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This script is essentially a little window that saves and loads bits of text that you may find useful when scripting or when working in max. It allows you to save blocks of code to an external file so you can build a library or multiple libraries of commonly used bits of code. I find it useful because I'm not very speedy with the keyboard - so big chunks of text that I use over and over again can easily be copied and pasted from the CD_CodeClipboard window into a new script or into the listener.

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Unzip the zip file to wherever you want.
- Drop 'CD_CodeClipboard.mcr' into you macroscripts folder (typically: C:3dsmax#UIMacroScripts)
- Run 3dsmax - Under 'Customize User Interface' you should get a new category called 'CD_Scripto' - and that's where you'll find 'CD_CodeClipboard'
- When you run the script - it wont be too useful until you load a script list. I've included 'ScriptList_Demo.lst'. Click the 'Load' button and select that file from wherever you choose to extract it.
- The 'CodeList' drop down now contains a bunch of silly names. Each one represents a little chunk of maxscript code that may be useful. You can copy the code from the 'Code' window into your max script.
- Use the 'Edit' button to change either the name or the code within each entry by changing the text and clicking the button.
- The 'Sort' button sorts your code list alphabetically. - Let me know if you find the script useful.

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7; 6
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