Colour Correct

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Here's a rewrite of the colour correct applying script that I wrote a while back with a few improvements.

The new version of it keeps the diffuse colour of the material correctly so that if you don't have a texture in the diffuse of the material - it'll put the same diffuse colour into the colour correct map instead. It also has a default value of 2.2 which should save a bit of time. Lastly there's a remove colour correct button if you want to quickly convert a gamma based scene into non-gamma quickly.

Additional Info: 

- Maxscript / Run Script and pick this file
- Customize / Customize User Interface
- You'll find the script in the category 'John O'Connell Tools' called 'ColourCorrect' ... Now give it some sort of shortcut and you're in business.

Version Requirement: 
8; 7; 6
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