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COLUMBO is a powerful Batch Search Engine for 3ds max 4 and higher. It will let you:
* Perform complex search operations by combining multiple Queries.
* Search at both Object and Sub-Object level
* Apply Select - Select More - Unselect - Hide - Unhide - Freeze - Unfreeze actions to the filtered objects.
* Save the Search Queue to disk and use the Presets later.

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"Please click the download link to visit the Colombo webpage which has in-depth details... Click here for a screenshot

Version 0.4 (08/01/2002)

* Made gmax compatible - all Presets-related features will be disabled though.
* Fixed crasher when Renaming non-existent Presets


* Find Objects with Name Starting with 'Box'
* Find Objects that have no Material assigned
* Find all Objects with a Bend Modifier Angle higher than 10 degrees.
* Find all Boolean Compound Objects containing a Sphere as Operand
* Find all Objects using a TGA texture in the diffusemap slot
* Find all Editable Meshes whose Vertex Count is between 100 and 1000
* Find all Geometry Objects without texture coordinates.


* COLUMBO is an R3-style MacroScript with a Floating Rollout.
* Download and Unzip the distribution file to your Scripts directory.
* Start 3ds max

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select MAXScript > Run Script and select the file (Alternatively open Windows Explorer and drag&drop the file to your Viewports)<br>* Right-click a toolbar
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