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Looks for EGZ materials in the scene and converts them to their base VRay materials. Currently only converts multi-sub materials and base EGZ mats.

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- Doesn't search into deep nested materials - for instance if you're using a blend material with an EGZ in it - the script won't find it. It only searches through multi-subs and std egz mats
- In order to maintain material instancing - it converts your original material - thus the only way to get your EGZ mat back is to undo the conversion - which fortunately - the script is undoable...

- Select all or some of the objects in your scene you want to look for EGZ mats on...
- Run the script (Maxscript / Run Script and pick this script wherever you downloaded it to...)

Nothing special - just save the script somewhere on your hd - could be in your 3dsmax scripts folder - your desktop - wherever...

Version Requirement: 
8; 7; 6
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