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With CopyTo PRO script you can copy objects and paste them into the current scene or between open windows 3Ds Max.

Pasting objects will work even after the reopening 3Ds Max or restart the computer.
Copying can also occur between the different versions of 3Ds Max.

For example, you can copy objects from 3Ds Max version 2016 in to 2013 or vice versa.

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Read Full Manual


This script better than others: Auto create QuadMenu items when install, you can copy between different versions of 3Ds Max.



  • Easy and quick installation
  • Copying objects between different 3Ds Max windows
  • Copying between different versions of 3Ds Max *
  • Copy & Paste Notification
  • Convenient Settings
  • Instant Updates
  • Multilingual Interface


How To Use:

  • Select object (s)
  • Right-click
  • Click Copy Objects
  • In the same or new scene, or in another 3Ds Max window, click Paste Objects
  • Objects pasted

For more info please read help!




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