Corona Proxy Switcher

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AndrĂ¡s Onodi | ZOA

Select a bunch of objects and put unique nodes to a specified directory as separate max files with the related Corona-Proxy data saved next to it.
Istance copies will be replaced with the new CProxy object.
Get previously saved objects back to max whenever you wish.

User Interface

Additional Info: 

- Export is made into Point Cloud by default. [%] stands for Point Cloud [%].
- Instanced objects must end "kakimaki00" or "kakimaki_00". Any numbers is accepted at the end.
- If exporting instances: "objectname_xx" will be exported as objectname.max - without the numbers
- Don't use the name "objectname_xy" if it's not an instance of "objectname_xz". Ohterwise the script will try to overwrite the "objectname.max" file.
- Reference copies not supported yet. They do make the script crash!
- Animated Objects not supported yet.
- Never Tested on groups
- Trying to get a maxobject back to an invisible layer doesn't work yet.
- While using the *.cgeo (I mean they are being used in current renders) the *.cgeo files cannot be overwritten. I suggest to use two different folders to export to.
- Max file paths are stored in User Defined Properties. If paths change you have to change these paths manually to get your maxs back.

Version Requirement: 
tested on max2016