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Collection of scripts to aid in polymodelling. This package includes scripts like Slide which slides an edgeloop towards either of it's neighbours. Dissolve - a collection of Laszlo's scripts. Untangle - which takes one selected poly and turns it into a perfect Ngon. MakePoly which lets you select a bunch of vertices and click the button to make a polygon. Other included tools are Spherify - vertRotate - Push - and faceLoft.

Reworked to be compatible with 3ds max 6/7 by Benjamen Slack

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NOTE: You can also get the complete Meshtools 3.0 / CS Polytools package that comes in ONE easy to download / install MZP package.

UPDATE 1/3/2005: I have just converted this into a COMPLETE installation of csPolyTools for max 6/7 as opposed to being just a patch file which required files from the old version. It is now an MZP with icons and everything. All you have to do is go to Maxscript / Run Script - pick the MZP file and it will install icons / stuff for you... But - if for some reason you need the old patch file - you can still get it here... C.Grant

Of course - you still will need Meshtools for this to work...

NOTE: If you're running into an error when you use these scripts it's most likely because Meshtools wasn't installed properly or at all. Make sure to get Meshtools (see link above) and follow the installation instructions in order to ensure trouble free useage...

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7; 6
Other Software Required: 
<a href='http://www.scriptspot.com/download.asp?ID=619&Points=1&inf=1' target=Main>Meshtools</a>
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