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Ghassan Abboud

UPDATE 2016:
Due to Google's new API update, the current python script doesn't work as intended. Currently trying to find a work around. Stay tuned.

Curate is your personal library of images collected when searching for images online.From within 3DSmax, with the help of a python script, Curate searches for images online and stores them locally for later use. Every search will be stored in a library that can be accessed and loaded at anytime. Search info is stored within the library.


    Installing the following is a MUST for Curate to work :
  • Python v2.7.10(v3.5.1 doesn't work)
  • Python Imaging Library (PIL)
  • Requests: HTTP for humans

Features in v0.4b :

  • Added library.
  • Added image size selection.
  • Known Bugs

  • The first time Curate is launched, an error might occur at the first search
  • Curate

    Additional Info: 


  • Enter search query and click search
  • Results will start showing
  • Click on the button under each thumbnail to see the full image.
  • Curate
    Your feedback, comments and bug reports are highly appreciated.

    Version Requirement: 
    3ds Max 2009
    Other Software Required: 
    python, python image library, requests: http for human
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