Decal Script Object

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Nolan Cunningham
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this script hasn't been tested to thoroughly so post any issues you might have.

tool should end up in helper objects under GameDevTools after being executed

fixed an issue resulting in bad UVs when target object had transforms on it.

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tested in 3Ds Max 2009
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Decal_object.ms12.62 KB


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is the checker pattern using

is the checker pattern using real-world scale? because that would cause it to unwrap wierd. also I cull any back faceing faces so that might be the issue you'r having. but I'll take a look...can you send me the max scene.. i don't know i you can attactch files on here?

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Hi its me again. Here I have


its me again.

Here I have a screenshot for you:

As you can see the generated UV Map is huge...I assigned a checker map with huge tiling but if assigned to generated object, the checker map is extremely oversized...maybe you can take a look at it.

Another problem ist the decal object, you see the generated mesh is not complete (deleted triangles).

and a small wish: Although I extraced the script to scripts/startup, it does not start with max...maybe you could make a installer or code it so, so that it starts with max if extracted to startup folder.


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you can now assign a

you can now assign a material to the preview object and it should apply it to the finnal object that way you can use the material editor to assign materials to it. I don't want to do much more then that because I would have to rewrite the script from a geometry rather then a helper object... at least I think, unless you know can find a way to get the material editor to recognise helpers as valid targets.

also added the numeric size in. it doesn't play nice with the preview but just turn it on and off and should work. othwise just scale the tool.

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I don't understand what you

I don't understand what you mean by decal object has bad UVs, can you give me the steps to reproduce this bug? I'll get the other features in soon.

also make sure you have the latest script since i fixed an issue last week which resulted in bad UVs

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Very cool script...but i

Very cool script...but i miss features like setting x/y size for decal object...

+ the material button does not work very vell (cant copy materials from/to material editor or drag materials)

Also this generated decal object has bad UV...if I assign material, the mat is not visible because of the UV...have to re unwrap it...maybe you could fix it too?

Could you add these 2 features? Would be very nice!


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FYI while you're welcome to

FYI while you're welcome to post your script using code tags you'll find it's easier to update your script and easier for people to use it if you just attach it as a file. Typically people use the code tags to post short code snippets in the forums...

To attach a file to your post just expand the "File Attachment" area at the bottom of new post or when you're editing an existing post...

Thank you for your contribution to ScriptSpot!

Christopher Grant

Christopher Grant

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Ooops it was a last minute

Ooops it was a last minute thing to put the functions inside the Tool it self. also added the "delete back faces" feature.

Hopefully it all works now.

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Sound interesting... I see

Sound interesting... I see some custom function (FindNormal4me) that not exist in the script at this line:
DecalRay = FindNormal4me $.assobj
Maybe after including will work?

my recent MAXScripts RSS (archive here)

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not working ... :( max

not working ... :(

max immediately closed

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