Deciduous Tree

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Creation of trees.

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The following files should be copied into the Script directory of MAX 2.x:

- ilumi.tif

The scene 'Tree-environment.max' is helpful when trying to set up a tree for the first time. It has already got a Multi-/SubObject Material defined - as well as cameras and lights.

It also contains a hidden object - Graph - which can be used to determine creation times of trees.
On the X axis is the Min. BranchL. in % parameter -
on the Y axis is the time in seconds for a 'minimum setup' Pentium 133 / 32MB RAM.
The time/detail proportions should are about the same for other machines.
It is wise to first generate a low-detail tree - noting the creation time in The Listener's report - and then applying the same proportion curve to your station's speed - before attempting to create a high-detail tree.

When installed - one can click in the section of the Utilities tab - and select the file ''. The script is now available as a 'plugin'.

By clicking <* PLANT *> one can start the geometry creation cycle. (on a Dual P300 it takes about 2 minutes - If this takes too long for you - you can increase the value 'min. BranchL. in %' - for example to 40. The tree won't be as detailed if doing so - but will generate faster.)

More information is available from inside the script by clicking 'Help'.

When the Tree's geometry has been created - go to the Material Editor and assign the material 'Appletree' to the geometry.

You can now render the scene.

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