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Mirza/Olivier Gras

A utility for placing objects at the right height on complicate grounds.
Especially usefull when placing quickly great numbers of peoples, plants and cars on a big area with streets,parks and trottoirs at different heights.
Simply place them on a plan view and then run this utility.

Quite similar to the Drop script for Sketchup, but with some more control.

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Just drag and drop the .mzp file on Max and click on Install. You can now run it from the "Mirza" submenu in the "Tools" menu, or  make a button in a toolbar via customization.

This is how it works:

-Select the objects to be the "Gravity sources" (i.ex. all objects that can be used as ground) and click on "get selection".
-Select the objects that will drop and click on "Do gravity" , that´s it!


-The objects are placed on the highest point of the "gravity sources" in their vertical axe.

-The gravity sources are kept in memory so you don't need to select them each time.

-You can choose to let the objects follow the terrain's normal, or to let them be vertical.

-Choose "only downwards" to fall on the nearest ground under instead of the highest.
(for ex. if the objects are in a building and needs to be on the first slab under them instead of the highest slab)

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