DQ skinning Copier

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In previous max versions like max 2016,
when you save the envelopes, it doesn't save the Dual quaternions weights.
Which is a pain when you need to transfer skinning from a model to another for whatever reasons.
The thing is I do quite a lot of rigging and I faced this problem more than once with no out of the box solution.
And I needed to transfer only the DQ weights, not the other envelopes.

So here is a super simple script to do that.

How it works :
1 : select the model which has the DQ weights set. (the skin has to be the first modifier)
2 : run the script and press "COPY DQ"
3 : don't close the tool, the weights are temporarily saved in it.

4 : select the model which don't have the DQ weights, or open a new scene which has this other model, and select it (the model needs to be the same, same topology and vertex ID's).

5 : press "PASTE DQ"

It will set the Dual Quaternions weights on the new model.

This Script is also useful in new max versions as there is no other way to save and reload DQ weights.

Version Requirement: 
dqskin_copier.ms548 bytes