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Colin Senner

This script allows you to draw a spline and automates the process of linking a new VRayCamera and path constraining it to the spline, setting the keyframes for animating from 0 to 100 percent along the spline, and setting the tangents for that motion to "ease in" and "ease out". Very straightforward, and makes the process much quicker.

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1. Run script

2. In Max goto "Customize->Customize User Interface...->Toolbars tab->Category: ColinScripts->EasyVRayCameraAlongPath" and drag "EasyVRayCameraAlongPath" to a toolbar, click to run.

3. Draw the spline in any view, once finished be sure to stop "creation mode" on the new spline shape by right-clicking the viewport twice or clicking "CV Curve" in the create panel.

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EasyVRayCameraAlongPath v1.0.ms820 bytes