Edges From Vert To Vert

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Tool for edge selection from vertex to vertex(point to point)
Has interactive update so when you move the mouse over the selected object you can see what would be the edge selection. By clicking you add the current vertex. By clicking + ALT over selected vertex you deselect it. The red vertices are the selected ones - the blue is the currently selected vertex. When you click RMB the tool stops and the edge selection from the SELECTED vertices stays - if you click the RMB with ALT you clear the selection.

Additional Info: 

Works only on Editable Poly object. Best use: in edge sub-level with wireframe on - or just use preview edge selection.

'M' button is 'memory button'. When you press the '+' button the current edge selection will be stored (appended) in the 'memory'. 'r' button is to reset 'memory'. When you press the 'M' button the edges from the 'memory' will be selected.

Just run the install file
The script is in 'Blago Script' category.

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