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EZLIST is a family of programs for IFL file creation and editing.
EZLIST Max is a MaxScript version for use within 3D Studio MAX Release 2.

It is a tool that lets you easily create IFL (Image File List) files for use in 3D Studio - 3D Studio MAX - and some command-line controlled DOS programs like the CMPEG encoder.

Because it is MAX-based - there are some differences in both the functionality and the UI.

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3D Studio DOS ships with a command-line utility called MAKEIFL which can create a single straight sequence by specifiying the IFL name - the Image name and start and end frames. It was a handy tool - but quite limited.

3D Studio MAX 1.x creates the IFL sequences internally - but the IFL filter is even more limited than the old MAKEIFL for DOS. Other than MAKEIFL - it cannot create a sequence of files that still don't exist.

The Release 2 of MAX added an improved utility that is closer to MAKEIFL - but still cannot create IFL from non-existing files.

A simple test with 3DS MAX and a hand-written IFL shows that it can work with IFL files that list not only the file name - but also the absolute path to images residing somewhere else (like a PVR hard drive)

EZLIST was mainly created to make the IFL creation and editing easier - and to include this optional path entry.

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