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Plamen Iliev

this script finds triangular faces, quadrilateral polygons as well as any other n-sided polygons in your mesh and selects them for you.

Warning: It converts your object into an editable poly so make sure you don't mind your modifier stack
being collapsed.

known issues: 3dsMax crashes when you undo the operation a couple of times

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copy the FindBadPolys.mcr into your ...3dsMax8\UI\MacroScripts folder and the four .bmp files into ...3dsMax8\UI\Icons folder

you start 3dsMax go to Customize->Customize User Interface and under
'Category:' you'll find FindBadPolys, you can put the command pretty
much anywhere you want, in a custom toolbar or as a coommand in a
quadmenu or you can give it a keyboard shortcut. In case you put it as
an icon somwhere in your UI and the icon doesn't show up, right-click
on it, go to 'Edit Button Appearance', select Image Button and under
'Group:' choose FBP, select the image and restart 3dsMax

P.S. Feel free to improve it and share it

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