Fixes UVW mapping imported in 3ds max from maya

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anas mansour

hi all

this was done for a very certain task...
i'm working with team mates who work in maya platform while most of the work is done by 3ds max and it plugins..and i work on both but better at 3ds max..

If you ever tried to export an FBX file from maya to max you will suffer from two or three basic things,
1: all materials are phong with high specular
2: some maps were defined in maya in som way that max understands them as maps with map channel != 1,then the need a uvw mapping
3: some faces problems
fixing these in a very big scene could be very painful
so i'v created this one to:
apply an unwrap modifier to certain objects with map channels not = 1 then collapse it.

but i'm having problem applying it to manyobjects at the same time ,scene crashed many times


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created on 2009
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