FumeFX System Scale

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Michael Stark

I made this to easily manipulate, and keep track of the systemScale of my Fume grids

It's great if you're scared of Maxscript or just want a more straightforward way to manipulate your grid scale


  • Copy Object Scale - Click this button to select your FumeFX Grid. It will copy the current systemScale into memory.
  • Revert to Start - This button will change your systemScale back to what it originally was when you selected your initial FumeFX Grid.
  • Print System Scale -This will print your current systemScale in the Maxscript listener.
  • Clear Memory - Pressing this button will change your systemScale of the FumeFX Grid to a value of 1.0 and overwrite your original Scale value from when you first selected the grid.

Scaler Values

  • These buttons are just presets of common values under 1.0
  • Custom - Allows you to input your own scaler value.

Created by Michael Stark v1.0

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