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Gavyn Thompson


Bakes cameras per frame with optional transform, and optional frame range buffer.

By default this bakes the camera in World Space which is generally what you want. There is an option to bake the camera in Parent space if you check the box "Bake camera in selected objects space".



Version 2.00. This realease is setup entirely with Dot Net Controls. I've also extended it's functionality to be able to bake out both Standard Max cameras and VRay Physical Cameras.


Version 2.10: Added a function for baking out VRay Dome Cameras. Color coded the UI by camera class type. Fixed a UI bug when selecting the camera parent.





If you experience any bugs with this tool please message me with a screen shot of the error and a brief description. Thanks!



All the best,


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To install just drag the download .MZP file into the 3dsmax interface. You should get an Install dialog.

This tool will install a macroscript that can be accessed from the Customize User Interface dialog within 3dsmax.

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