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Books Creator v2.0

Books Creator v2.0 improvments:

- flat and round books integration in one script and possibility to choose between one of them or both of them (random)
- 1 to 100 books iterations on the same textures collection
- randomization of texture order
- position randomization to enchace realism
- vray and mental ray support (arch&Design materials)
- total control on vray and mentalray reflection parameters like subdivisons, reflect color, reflect and highlight glossiness, fresnel

You can watch this short tutorial to see BooksCreator2.0 in action


The unique concept behind our script is very simple: "less is more".

We try to simplify daily routine automating all that boring and ripetive actions that are necessary to obtain a certain result.

With this script we want to help you giving the ability to create books with one click, strating from textures and respecting proportions.

Set contains:

- "BooksCreator2.0" script
- source .max files with base books
- 5 test texture

Script runs on 32 and 64 bit systems, on max 9 and next releases.
Script costs €14.99

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