Import Tabulated TXT Data as Knots on Spline (or data properties of any object)

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Assembled from various other scripts and the help menu a simple Data import script for creating knots along a spline from data made for example in Excel. You could just as easily replace the knot on spline creation with objects such as boxes, etc...

Additional Info: 

General principles for modifying to any use:

1. Create Data in Excel and save as Tabulated Txt file.
2. I like to make columns relate to a variables in the Max Script, for example column (A) = the [x] position, the next column = [y], and so on...this way each row in Excel relates to the numerical properties of an object.

real easy.

What I'm working towards and any help is appreciated:

If someone has developed a Delaunay Triangulation script from determined points which later creates a Voronoi structure that would be great. From what I can tell the scripts available on Scriptspot use the PCloud function and unless you can control the PCloud particle locations this won't work for what I'm trying to do.

data_to_knot_on_spline.ms526 bytes