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InvToSP (Inventor to Substance Painter) is a script which prepares an Inventor CAD model for texturing in Substance Painter. It works around various bugs in 3ds Max, maintaining the explicit normals at all times.

The manual is in the InvToSP chapter in "Inventor for Game Design.pdf", which is located in the same rar file as the script.


-Significant workflow speedup.
-Automatically import high poly and low poly from supplied directory.
-Fix flipped faces using automated re-import.
-Dynamically adjust mesh resolution.
-Fuse objects (collapse, attach) without destroying the explicit normals.
-Supports Unwrella for automatic unwrapping.
-Convert materials to FBX compatible materials.
-Name modifying for Substance Painter "match by name" baking.
-Add nearby objects to high res model for AO baking.
-Assemble standalone parts into final model.

Not required but highly recommended:
Unwrella for automatic UV unwrapping.

v1.4 changelog:
-It is now attempted to fix flipped faces on body objects automatically. This does not always work but it reduces the amount of manual work required. In addition, failed attempts will flip all faces the wrong way, making those objects more visible in faces orientation mode.
-Redundant objects are now also deleted when importing the Align model.
-Fixed a bug where saving the Align scene would cause an error.
-Fixed a bug with crashed 3ds Max when Material for ID map was pressed.
-Fixed a bug where zeroing the high res transform caused an error when no AO model was present.
-Fixed a bug where exporting the high res transform would not work when no AO model was present.
-Material for ID map is now faster to execute.

v1.3 changelog:

-Identical objects which appear multiple times can now be prepared individually and automatically placed in the assembly later on. This allows you to skip unnecessary UV mapping and save texture space. See chapter "InvToSP" in the manual for any workflow modifications.
-Fixed a bug which caused the old copy not being deleted after replacing an object.
-When working with individual ipt files (instead of an assembly file), the part doesn't have to be unique anymore.

v1.2 changelog:

-Can now also import and assemble single ipt files in addition to assemblies.
-Redundant objects which are imported as invisible are now automatically deleted.
-Duplicate object name dialog is not shown anymore.
-Fixed a bug where assembling would not work with root objects which have no iam suffix.
-Fixed a bug where assembling would fail when there are multiple assemblies with the same name.
-When there are multiple assemblies with the same name, a separate mesh for AO baking is now generated for each of them.
-Added a button to cycle through the different AO models.


You need to create a custom UI button and add the InvToSP script to it.
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Installation tutorial (starts at 1:55)


1. Right click your InvToSP button -> Edit macro script.
2. Replace all code with the new code (copy, overwrite).
3. Press Save.
4. Press CTRL+E (to run, but you can't see anything yet).
5. Press the InvToSP shortcut button.

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3ds Max 2017
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