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This plugin for 3ds Max gives users the power to quickly integrate existing 3D models into meshes. The users are provided with a variety of options and settings to fine-tine the look and feel of their model with real time updating.

1.2.0 Features
+ Distribute per cluster or per face
+ Over 150 free brushes
+ Mirroring options
+ Auto scaling to fit within selected faces
+ Multi-Select support in browser
+ Improved conform to curved surfaces
+ Respects modifiers like Turbosmooth in the stack
+ Supports undo and redo
+ Relax edge support for connected edges
+ Smoothing group blending
+ Respects UV’s and Material id’s
+ Added ‘reset’ option to reset all values to defaults
+ Added XYZ rotation and position controls
+ Improved auto thumbnail generation
+ Search by number of edges

1.0.0 Features
+ Real-time updates
+ Conform to curved surfaces
+ Customizable folder structure for brush organization
+ Packaged and shareable brush assets
+ Auto thumbnail generation and brush publishing
+ Resizable interface
+ Searching support
+ Retains edge flowloop
+ Transformation options
+ Welds both equal and non equal edge counts for water tight blending

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best script

best script

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Anything in the pipeline?

I'll be honest I haven't modeled anything with Kitbasher in Max '20 yet, but I was wondering wether you were contemplating further updates?

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More suggestions

In addition to what I wrote earlier, having non-blended meshes (ie those left as separate objects) come out as instances would be super helpful.
It's only a couple of clicks with Instance Tool to convert them so not that big a deal, but I don't see how having them as unique objects is helpful in the first place.

Also, there have got to be ways to get more out of your nice library system.. being able to drag drop objects into the scene, for instance? Align to objects etc? I dunno, relatively unspecific I admit ;-)

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Another quality plugin from

Another quality plugin from Joker martini! Just saw the video... looks amazing and very time saving!

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try to export an object you used kitbasher on as FBX to substance painter.

make a simple object (box), use kitbasher (attach a detail with kitbasher), UV map the complete object. then assign one texture to the kitbasher mesh element and a different texture to the base object (the box).
export it as FBX to substance painter.

while the UV map in 3d max looks correct in substance painter some parts of the UV map are assigned wrong. some faces that should belong to the kitbasher mesh element are now assigned to the base object. (sorry im not english speaking. but it should be obvious once you try it).

it´s not an issue with substance painter. same issue with importing the FBX file into other 3d apps. it only happens with kitbasher (and the messed up parts are the kitbasher parts).

only solution is to collapse to mesh.
collapse the poly object to mesh and then convert it back to poly, then it is exported correctly. or when i export it as an OBJ file.

i can´t do further testing as i don´t have the kitbasher plugin.
but i noticed it while getting some files i had to texture from someone who used kitbasher on the models.

took us some time to figure out what causes this, as the UV map in max is correct. and when only one material is assigned to the object all looks fine in substance painter.

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More features coming! I'm

More features coming!
I'm already working on the next around of updates and features.

John Martini
Digital Artist (new site)

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Great stuff

Bought it less than 48h ago, and here's the first update already, woo!

Feature suggestions: Non uniform scaling; tiling in X or Y. I'm sure I'll think of more once I've used it more heavily :D

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