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Marcelo Souza - Kumodot

Kumodot RND example

RND121 Ui   Hello There! This is my First Script with an UI. lol. I am not a Coder, i am a Generalist and i like to code for myself. While it's a very simple script it's very usefull (for me at least), and improved my workflow doing more realistic scenes or object distributions on even randomizing materials (MatID). I got some help from friends cause my MaxScript knowledges are a bit rusty. So is my english (Sorry). :) I hope this simple tool will be useful to all, as it is for me. I do not know if I'll have time to improve it or update it, but it will happen with the need and time. :) Feel free to report problems and suggest improvements. :) Thanks for listening. By the way, try using it in combination with the ANIMATE button. :)

Version 1.22
Just a minor update. Now you can install the script easily on your 3dsMax. Just drag it to your viewport, and then go to :
- Choose KUMOTOOLs on Category, and just Drag KumoRNDTools to any toolbar!

- You're good to go.

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I hope it works in any version of 3dsmax. But it was tested on Max 2012

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Max 2010, 2011, 2012
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kumotoolrnd_v122.ms7.25 KB