Layer Manager 3.0

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beta 1.60
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Layer Manager is a utility that creates layer controls for 3D-Studio MAX.
When Using Layer Manager - every object that is created within Max is placed on a Layer - each object defaults to the World Layer. Each layer has it's own properties - and each object assumes the properties of the layer it exists on. Layers can easily be hidden - frozen or given an alternate material.

Changes in beta 1.60:

  • fixed a bug. adding a layer to world layer now removes it from the layer it was previously on
  • added feature: select objects on layer. opens selection dialog with only object contained on the layer.
  • Additional Info: 

    "1) put the files in the appropriate locations: - 3dsmax4stdplugsstdscripts - 3dsmax4stdplugsstdscripts

    REZN8_LayerManager.mcr - 3dsmax4uimacroscripts
    REZN8_LayerManager_RCMenu.mcr - 3dsmax4uimacroscripts

    REZN8_Icon* - 3dsmax4uiicons

    LM_v3_*.bmp - 3dsmax4scripts

    2) start max

    3) cutomize your interface to include 'Layer Manager 3.00' - located in REZN8 Tools.

    4) add Layer_Manager_RC menu to a quad menu - you can change it's display name by right clicking on it..."

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