Layer Material Creator

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Branko Živković

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Easy and quick way to create and assigne over a hundred
unique materials to the layer nodes with a single click.

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How to use this tool:
1. After you arrange properly all scene objects in
in the corresponding layers, open Layer Manager.

2. Choose optional checkbuttons [C]-[M]-[T] (read description below)
and press *Random LWC* button to randomize
layers wirecolor.

3. Pick material type from dropdown list. Supported material types:
• Standard material...(max default)
• Arch & Design...(mental ray)
• VRayMtl...(VRay)
• fR-Advanced...(finalRender)
• fR-Architectural...(finalRender)

4. Before you press *Create and Assigne Layer Materials* button you have a couple choices:
a. uncheck all checkbuttons ([L]-[C]-[M]-[T]) if you want to create all gray (default) materials.
b. check only [L] checkbutton if you want to use layer wirecolor as material diffuse color
c. check one of the [C]-[M]-[T] checkbuttons if you want *auto randomize mode* in creation process.

5. Last thing: Open newly created Mtl Library in Material/Map Browser
to see the result. If you are not satisfied with the result just press again
*Create and Assigne Layer Materials* button and manually reload the Mtl Library file.

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This script are requested by dussla

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