Lip Sync Helper v0.33

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What this script does:

- Sequence audio files back to back and allow a one click interface for switching the active time segment to match a single track or all of the tracks. It also automates the creation of folders renders for each track writing them to the batch render interface. I use this script when lip syncing a character with many audio tracks.

- This script makes use of SoundTrax from which allows you to have up to 100 separate audio tracks. I wrote the script hoping these features could be easily included, hopefully more people besides myself will find them useful.

Button Break Down:
Track Management
Reset all -- Sets all of the sound tracks to start at frame zero.
Seq Tracks -- Sets the audio tracks back to back and will allow for a user specified frame buffer between tracks. Leave it blank to set the tracks back to back.
Active Time Tool:
List of tracks -- Clicking on a track will set the active time segment to the length of the track. Handy when working on one track at a time and viewing the entire time line with many tracks makes it impossible to work effectively.
Set Active To All -- Sets the active time segment to show all tracks. Basically the Zoom Out option.
Create/Update Batch -- This takes info from the tracks such as track name, start/end frame and file path*, then creates a batch render file.
Launch SoundTrax -- launches SoundTrax allowing you to load upto 100 audio tracks. This script does work with the free demo but the demo only allows up to 4 tracks. If zero tracks are loaded the script prompts you to launch SoundTrax and load audio files.
*Note: The path is gathered from the sound file path and then changed to a folder called "head". This is specific to my work flow if you would like it to go somewhere else you can edit the script. The lines containing the path are easy to find if you search for "head".

Additional Info: 

Install Instructions:
-- Place this script in your scripts foldder (normally "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max\Scripts\")
-- Start up max, or restart it if it was running already
-- From the main menu bar go Customize > Customize User Interface > Tool Bars Tab >
-- Set Category to LipSync > drag "Lip Syync Helper v0.33" to an empty place on your tool bar
-- Click the LipSyncHelper button to launnch the tool =)
-- Or customize how you see fit

Version Requirement: 
Created in 3ds max 9.0 could work in earlier versions
Other Software Required: 
This script is made to help customize SoundTrax from This script will work with the demo version which allows you access to up to 4 audio tracks. The full version allows access to 100.
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