Lock Keys Util

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The attached macroscript gives various options for modifying existing keys (any/multiple tracks) to be lock keys - as well as creating lock keys for pos - rot and scale.

This can be a big time saver for character animation - especially for setting up feet plants and keeping them locked for set durations.

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Lock key? From the max help: 'This is a key that looks back to the previous key and creates a new key at the specified time which matches the previous key in value. It also adjusts the parameters for the key such that the value stays constant from the previous key to this key.'

Operates on selected keys in selected objects:

- lock selected forwards/backwards with value matching option
- set outer tangents to smooth - custom or nochange
- auto search for keys of same values within a keys selection and sets to linear between
- create position - rotation and scale lock keys - with separate xyz controls (if relevent ie posXYZ or euler/local rotation controller)

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