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As the 3ds max files for the levels in Driving Force gained complexity - eventually adding such things as physics proxies for all items - the sheer number of objects visible at any one time was degrading the performance of 3ds max. Since Driving Force was developed in 3ds max 4 there was no layering system. Selection sets weren't an either or proposition - unfortunately. Each time the user selected a different set it's data would be added to the already visible objects. LSSelectionSwitcher provides the toggle mechanism that max R4's default selection set behavior lacks. When a user selects a different set from the list the currently visible objects are hidden before the new ones are unhidden. This allows for the artist to selective work on parts of an extreme large max scene without sacrificing performance.

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The 'Exporters' section of the UI automates the process of exporting all necessary datasets (visible geometry - external references - and physics proxies) for use in Driving Force. Each set is selectively unhidden and exported to the game format. Then - a formatted XML file containing all information needed to populate the world at runtime is created.

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