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markus ambrus

hi folk,

this is my very first release *smile*.
-> my code is NOT clean, so be forbear with me :D


i study gamedesign in germany / munich ... and try to learn max skript on my own ...
my "toolbox" v0.04 contains two working skripts ...

--> read more ! :)  


1. include exclude from light

(i know about the original include exclude ...)
this one is easy to use .. but only supports the 5 basic lights so far (work in progress)

2. charakter scene setup

it provides you the possibility of easy adding image planes for charakter modelling (front / back / left / right) views
(i allready have some ideas to expand the functions)

the other tools are in progress ...

so far

markus :)
(if you want to help .. AND are able to read my confusing code .. simply tell me ...
i also would like to add usefull tools of other guys) ... for sure you get mentioned



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helpfiles provided...

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3ds max 9.0
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i didnt take care of max-version requirement while coding ... sorry guys
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