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This replaces the Isolated dialog with a colored Timebar... Revised version of tghe shipping script Macro_IsoSel - Isolate Selection script

Found another bug and fixed the last one I hope. I thought I had gotten rid of all errors - but found a new one that this script should resolve.

Somehow - the script was not recording a color change - so an undefined variable error was created on attempts to open a file with isolated objects. Hopefully - this script will work as promised and not throw up any new errors.

My apologies for the error and the delay in fixing it.
Was not tested in Max6 - but probably should work. May work in versions back to Max 4 - but again - not tested.

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Shut down Max - download the scripts in the zip file. Copy out the original Macro_IsoSel.mcr file from the UI/Macroscripts folder to a safe location in case you need to revert back to that version. Place Macro_IsoSel.mcr in the UI/Macroscripts folder. Place in the Scripts/Startup folder. Restart Max - customize the UI if desired - otherwise - the Isolate Selection and Isolate Unselected are where they always were - and can be used from there.

Tested and working in Max7.5 . I edited the original Macro_IsoSel.mcr file - so before you use this - move the original to a safe location. The behavior of my edit should be exactly the same as the original except that you get the toggle. It works in either the the Quad Menu - on a Toolbar or in the Tools Menu. It's most suited for a Toolbar or a Quad obviously - but it works on the Menu.

I assume you all know how toggles work - so I leave that to you.

Version Requirement: 
7.5; 6
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