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Marcelo Souza

Hey, this is my latest script tool, calle MatIDTools. I plan to update it with more features while using it, but for now it's already useful (At least for my use). With this script, you can pick an object with the Multi-Sub Material you want to distribute on scene objects, and after that you can just use the script to select objects and double click on the ID you Want. The script will apply the source material to the selection and add the MaterialID Modifier (Named with the Shader name + ID Number). It's easy to use and helps a lot the process of populating scenes, without having to leave slate open to check Wich ID has the material you want... There's a MultiSub Slot/Material Auto-Rename embeded too. :)

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BTW : There's a little comesmetic bug on UI on some situations, but it's almost invisible to many.

Please : Feel free to report Bugs. At this time the script doen't support IDs by face, maybe on a next round update. :)

ChangeLogs :
-- V0.92a
-- V0.92b -- BugFixes
-- V0.92c -- BugFixes
-- V0.92d -- BugFixes
-- V0.93 -- Great BugFix - The Script is not returning error if something is selected when running it,
-- V1.04 -- Detect Multisub even if all slots are empty
-- V1.05 -- Bugfix
-- V1.05b -- Bugfix
-- V1.06 -- New Custom ID Button
-- V1.07 -- Changed all SceneMaterials for simpler and shorter code
-- V1.08 -- Bug Running first time

Stil hunting little bugs...

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