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This script converts movement in 3ds max to After Effects.(converting 3d positional data into 2d positional data) Great for tracking with objects - replacing footage using corner pinning can be pasted straight to a layer. The script can be downloaded from Adobe studio exchange/after effects/ plugins.

Came about due to constantly changing footage in station ID's. I then noticed some one was trying to sell a similar script - so throught that people might find this free script useful. Enjoy...

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The zip file contains a pdf help file to explain how to use it. but basically it gives you the ability to match the exact animated position of objects in 3ds max in after effects. e.g track objects in after effects to follow a 3d object or do corner pinning and replace footage textures on a 3d surfaces without rerendering the 3d object and use a matte shape to alpha the edges. requires 3ds max 6.X and after effects standard 6.X and up. I hope people find it as useful as I have.

-Copy the files into your max script folder.
-Open Max and then go to the utility panel and choose Maxscript
-Choose run script and pick the MaxtoAE script file

After effects 6.X and 3ds Max 6.x

Credit must go to Borislav PetroV
Created by James Campbell

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7; 6
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