Maxwell Multi-Scene gallery exporter

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This script exports multiple MXS files from a single 3ds Max scene by assigning different MXM files to a user specified MXM reference material. It does so through a dialog with the following features:

  • Select one or more MXM Files using a dotNet file selector
  • Select an MXM Reference material that you want to assign each MXM file to
  • Select the camera that you want to export each MXS Scene with
  • Manually override the export path (it defaults to the same path as your 3ds Max scene)
  • Exposes these function options of maxwellExportMXS from Next Limit's 3ds Max plugin
    • Export selected objects only
    • Export as animation
    • Append frame number to images
    • Pack'n Go
  • Export a scene for each MXM file selected

I created this script out of the need to export hundreds of variations of a scene to Maxwell where the only thing that changed was a single MXM referenced material. Essentially, if you are creating a gallery of a product to show off all of it's color options by rendering them individually, then you may find this script useful.

I wrote this script using 3ds Max Design 2015, so I can't verify if it works in older versions, but I would imaging that it does since there's not much that's really advanced about it.

EDIT: I've now tested this same script in 3ds Max 2017 with Maxwell Render and it works without any modification.


To use the script, just run it as a script. I didn't add any UI integration, so you can embed it into your local 3ds Max setup wherever you want.

When the script runs, it 1st verifies that you have at least (1) MXM Ref material and an active camera in your scene. If you don't have those, then it will display messages about them before it will actually run. Once met, the script will open the UI dialog.


I'm sure there's tons of way to improve this script, like using tokens to customize the scene file name outputs. At the moment, it just names the scenes the same as the MXM file their using. I'm open to suggestions. Also, if anyone wants to make modifications themselves, go right ahead. I only made this script because I couldn't find an existing one, so I hope it's useful.

This script comes with no warranty. It's provided only as useful code and isn't thoroughly tested. You should probably try it on a test scene before deploying on a production scene or work.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2015, 3ds Max 2017, Maxwell Render 3.2
Other Software Required: 
Maxwell Render and plugin for 3ds Max
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