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Wassim Jabi

Maxymo is software that allows Dynamo definitions to output geometry to 3ds Max. Maxymo is made out of two parts: a Maxymo Server on the 3ds Max side that listens and executes commands to create geometry nodes and a Maxymo Package on the Dynamo side that includes custom nodes (e.g. MXCircle, MXPoint, MXCylinder etc.). The Maxymo custom nodes translate and send Dynamo geometry to the Maxymo server that then adds them to the 3ds Max geometry list. Maxymo uses the standard TCP protocol to communicate between Dynamo and 3ds Max. Theoretically, the server and the client do not need to be installed on the same machine. They can be on any internet-connected computers, but this feature remains untested and can be hampered by firewalls and virus protection software.

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