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Mechnology ViewRender was originally written to help us light scenes interactively. It has the ability to update a render as you move objects - lights - or cameras in your scene.

New features added since version 0.5:
* Added the ability to render only selected objects
* Limited use of the Right-Click menu

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Additional Info: 

1. Go to the UTILITIES panel and select MAXSCRIPT. Press the RUN MAXSCRIPT button or select Maxscript from the top menu and select RUN MAXSCRIPT. See screenshot...
2. Locate where you saved the Mechnology Viewrender script.
3. Go to the Customize top menu and choose Customize User Interface.
4. Select the toolbar tab. See screenshot...
5. Under the category pulldown you should find Mechnology. You should see 'Interactive Renderer' in the list.
6. Select 'Interactive Renderer' from the list and drag it to a place where you want the button to be created. See screenshot...

NOTE: This script was designed to be used as a toggle button. Click once to activate the script - click again to close it.

While it is fun to watch the render update as you work - it shouldn’t be used in that way. By making the script a toggle button - you can easily turn the script on and off. This way you can work fast setting up your scene and then turn on the script to make your adjustments.

Because of the way this script works inside of 3dsmax - it will not be very useful on medium to large scenes. As more geometry is added and more options are selected the interactivity will suffer. It is best to hide everything but a few objects you may need for lighting purposes.

This script is a work-in-progress. If you find this script useful we would like to hear from you. If you have any suggestions to make it better please let us know. Lastly - if you are a maxscripter and you know of ways to rewrite this better - or would like to contribute to this script then don’t hestitate to drop us a line. Email [email protected] and include the word ‘viewrender’ in the subject.

Version Requirement: 
8; 7
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