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Meshes Catalogue is a utility making it possible to obtain a label of returned scenes of a repertory in order to visually identify them as with a board contact. It is possible to parameterize the point of view - to carry out one made telegraphic - faceté or textured.

Additional Info: 

A) Package
Catalog version 3.1 is delivered in French and English version.
Detailed contents of the package: French version of the program English version of the program
Vg.jpg: image of the logo
readme.txt: information ( this file) full documentation

B) Directory
To install the program - just copy or according to
the chosen version - as well as vg.jpg in your scripts directory.
By default - this directory is c:3dsmaxscripts

C) Loading
To launch the program - choose the Utilities tab in the command panel. Press
the Maxscript button. Press the Run Script Button. A dialog invites you to
load a script. You can choose Catalog 3.1.

D) Version
The version 3.1 of Catalog can not run on a 3D Studio MAX 2.x version.
If you use a version 3 or 4 - the program is loaded and the interface
appears on the screen allowing the user to create thumbnails.

E) Initialization
When the program is launched for the first time - an initialization window
appears to allow the creation of a catal.ini file in the script directory
of 3D Studio Max. This file contains the standard formats known by Catalog
3.1: 3DS - DXF - MAX - WRL. This file can be erased to reset Catalog 3.1. This
file permanently stores the new formats that will be afterward added
according to the need of the user. Nevertheless - it will be necessary to
see what import plugins are installed.

Version Requirement: 
4; 3
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