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Creates a spline from the vertices of a mesh object. One possible use would be to recreate a spline object if your spline has accidentally been converted into a mesh (say you collapsed a bunch of objects to editable meshes and didn't realize until it was too late that your spline had been selected too)

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View this image to see what this script does...

Installation: Go to Maxscript / Run Script and pick MeshToSpline.mcr ... Then go to Customize / Customize User Interface. Notice the tabs at the top of the screen - go to Toolbars (or whatever you want) and click New to create a new empty toolbar to put the commands in. Now - change the Category to 'CG_Tools' and drag n drop the scripts into the empty toolbar.

Usage: Now just select your mesh object and run the script. Voila. You should now have a spline object whose verts have traced along the mesh verts. I've included an example scene file (max 7) in this zip file called 'Example.max'

Version Requirement: 
7; 6
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