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This tool started out simply as a way to manipulate high density meshes within Max.

As you know Max hates high density has horrible response time and you can't do anything to them. MiniZB allows you to somewhat overcome this by working with sections of a large mesh at a time.

Having provided some functionality allowing you to deal with relatively high density meshes easier I thought it would be a natural and fun idea to try to get some features of ZBrush in there!

This tool is not intended to compete with ZBrush...Max will never be able to handly that kind of polycount - but you can use it to work like ZB up to medium level of detail and easily calculate normal and displacement maps without all the hassle of importing and exporting objects - tools - and maps - and fiddling with numbers.

Hope you like it - let me know if you have good suggestions or bug reports

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View the Mini ZB CGTalk thread

View the PDF manual

View the video tutorial Note: You need the TSCC codec to play the video:

1) Extract all to scripts folder.
2) In the MAXScript listener - type:

fileIn 'zbmini.mcr' 'stuh505' 'miniZB'

Good to go!

If you want to install it into the UI so that it will always be there...

1) Customize -> Customize User Interface
2) Menus Tab
3) Click New to make a new menu - call it stuh505
4) Category: pick stuh505
5) Drag miniZB from the action list into the new menu
6) Select 'Main Menu Bar' from the dropdown in the top right
7) Scroll down to 'stuh505' in Menus on the bottom left
8) Drag and drop stuh505 from Menus into Main Menu Bar at the end

Now it will be available as a menu item the next time you start max.

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