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Helps set up controls for facial morphs - with different controls for symetrical targets as well as a jaw control - very simple but i find it useful becase it separates the keys from different morphtargets so the timeline doesn't get stuffed with keys when doing lip sync etc...

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"A simple Scene to show the scripts functionality is included.

1. open the scene
2. run the script and using the 'Pick Mesh With Morph' button pick Morpher_Head
3. set rect scale to 25 and hit make me
4. using the 'Pick Jaw Bone' button pick Jaw_Bone boneobject
5. you don't need to pick an euler track as there is only one on this bone so go on and select
the 'Vertical Axis' Z and set vertical multiply to around 4
6. Pick Y as the 'Horizontal Axis' and set 'Horizontal Multiply' to around 1
7. leave 'mouth open' at around 20 and hit 'do jaw'


For Joystick type controllers that control two targets with one controller then name the corresponding targets with 'L' or 'R' as a prefix. To avoid a specific target add a '!' prefix. The Rect Scale determines how big the controllers are in the viewport. The Vertical and Horizontal Multiplers set the amount that the controllers affect the jaw rotation. The mouth open spinner tells the script to what degree the mouth is open for the initial pose (this is to allow control ratio of open to close movement. If the jaw bone has a Euler_XYZ controller as the root rotation controller then there is no need to use the 'Pick An Euler Track' button

Version Requirement: 
7; 6; 5.1
Other Software Required: 
it is there in case you are using a Rotation_List. The script will only try to assign the controllers to morph targets with Bezier_Float Controllers so as not to upset any hand set controllers"
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