Multi Exporter

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This tool can organize and export max scene date to Unreal Engine and Unity 3D.

All data prepared and sent using this tool will be imported into those engines as native supported types of data.

Creating colliders, snaps, collision materials, physical material for complex colliders ... all of this is possible. And more.

It is safe to write it is fully compatible with any 3DS Max 2012+ version.

Before you will consider to buy it, please read documentation located here:

This will give you exact idea what this tool is about, what can ( and what can't ) do for you and is it really worth buying anyway.

patch version 1.15

In order to use it, 1.0 version must be installed first.

Max restart after patch is not needed. Please save your file before the update. Just in case.

- auto lod added
- support up to 16 meterials per lod
- each material can be optimized or removed or preserved per lod
- preview of end result
- for every engine ( Nanite can use LODs as colliders )

- speed improvements for adding objects to exporter. 3000 pieces are added immediately now.
- removed ability of exporting meshes to Unity3d with hierarchy. Turned out it is not that convenient
and at the same time maintaining such feature is very time consuming and prone to serious errors.

- removing collision only for Unity3d. Same reason.
- removing LODx names checking, since there is no hierarchy in exported data, no need to check assets name.
exporter name will be still checked to have valid symbols only.

- adding option for custom path to have a folder with the name of asset name.
if custom exporter path is d:\test\ and asset name is "asset" then new path will be d:\test\asset\
this will allow to export source data into separate dedicated folder per exported data set.

- exposing ability for future plugins and add-ons :) ( there will be some )