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normalize UVW allows to normalize the mapping coordinates of an face selection or of the whole object.

Additional Info: 

1 - Select the objects.
2 - choose the mode which you need under group 'operate on'.
3 - click on 'normalize'.

If you encounter bugs or problems that I am not aware of - please send me yours comments.
Any suggestions are welcome.

Installation of the macroscript:
1. Click the MAXScript item in the Main Menu - select Run Script...
2. Locate and select the script and press Open
3. Go to Customize > Customize User Interface and select the desired Tab (Keyboard - Toolbars - Quad or menu)
4. Locate the category 'UVWtoolBox' under group 'Main UI'
5. Search in the category for the name 'normalizeUVW'
6. Drag the script to the toolbar - Menu - QuadMenu or assign to a Shortcut

Version Requirement: 
8; 7; 6; 5
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