Norman3D's MaxScript Pack #1

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Norman3D's MaxScript Pack #1 is a set of tools that will allow you to do some cool effects with verts and vectormaps. The pack also contains help files and tutorials for all the tools.

All of these tools should be compatible with current-gen and mobile platforms.

The pack contains the following scripts:

 3D Vector Displacement

This tool will allow you to bake vert positions to different channels in your mesh. These positions can then be retrieved by a vertex shader and used to morph between the shapes.


Normal Transfer

The "3D Vector Displacement" tool will only bake the new position of verts. "Normal Transfer" will allow you to bake the vert's normals to different channels. Storing additional normals in the mesh allows you to interpolate between them as seen on the video above.


Sub Pivot Point Baker

This tool will allow you to bake pivot points of sub-elements in the mesh to different channels that can then be retrieved by a vertex shader.

It can be used for effects like the one shown in the video above. Multiple sub-elements move independently even though they are part of the same mesh. It's an extremely cheaper solution compared to rigging the mesh with multiple bones.

This tool's idea is similar to Epic Game's Pivot Painter Tool. However Sub Pivot Point Baker has quite a few enhancements such as normalization of the baked data for higher precision and a much more user-friendly workflow.


VectorMap - Camera Dependent

This tool will bake the displacements of verts between two frames on a vectormap based on their position relative to a camera. The vectormap can be "absolute" or "normalized". Normalized provides higher quality results, a de-normalization number is calculated that can then be used in the fragment shader.


VectorMap - UVs

This tool will bake the differences between two UV sets to a vectormap. Just like the "VectorMap - Camera Dependent" tool the user can choose between absolute and normalized results.


You buy the script pack and find more information here.


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