NRB Material ID Paint

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This script was made to turn the task of adding material ID to a mesh faster (and not so boring - I hope)

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New in version 2.0: refresh button - save MatID - Click Paint - interface

To use this script you have to collapse the object to an editable mesh and assign a Multi/Sub-object material to it.

There are two ways to paint the id's :
- You can go to the sub-object level select the faces and press 'Paint Selected' button or select the ID form the list.
- The New way is using 'Click Paint' (there is no need to go to the sub-object level - but you can use it there to) - just press the button select the ID you want to paint (from the list or spinner) and just use the left mouse button to paint the ID's on the object. To leave the Click paint Mode press the right mouse button.

The '-R-' button refreshes the material ID's list in case you have changed the material.

Another feature is that you can save the ID's of the faces to a file and load them later. This will only work correctly if the files are from the same object (it's not necessary - but the results will be unpredictable)

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