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A script that aligns objects along a path or spline. much more editable than the spacing tool. see how it works here or download complete package (with mini tut).

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The script works fine here on max 9 (32 bit) and on max 2009 (64bit). Did not test on other versions.

The script is free so you may change and reuse it.

Version Requirement: 
3ds MAX 9
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Obj2Spline_Aligner.zip7.05 MB


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Very useful script! Thanks

Very useful script!

Thanks le1setreter!

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max 2010... so finally i did

max 2010...

so finally i did some test on a machine with max 2010 64bit version and i am sorry but i can not reproduce the error.

maybe the error occur when the spline is not a line or editable spline object so i insertet a request in fixtry 1.7 if a spline and a object is really selected/picked and in fixtry 1.8 i deleted the classof filter in the picked object dialog for the spline.

anyway please try version 1.7 first before 1.8. if the error still occurs please give me a max 2010 test scene with the object and the spline that do not work. if i can reporduce the error i might get rid of it.

with best regards

Obj2Spline-Aligner_fixTry.zip 5.03 KB
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Ehhhm... Thanks for the

Ehhhm... Thanks for the reply. :)

But yeah, I feel kinda stupid, but I'm looking for somewhere I can read the pm you said you'd send me? xD I can't find it.
Soooo, kinda wondering, did you send me a PM?


le1setreter's picture

hey all, again thank you all

hey all,

again thank you all for your kind words. currently (since a few months ;) ) i am working on an updated version with some nice features but i dont have the time to finish it right now. i will try harder.

@ mr_meph, i will try to fix your problem as soon as possible. therefor i have some questions. i write you pm here.

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Very Good....thank you

Very Good....thank you

***** Killer Point *****

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Hey man, the script looks

Hey man, the script looks awesome, and it's supposed to work in 3DS Max 10 I see above me here, but when I try to use it, I get the following error:

-- Unable to convert: undefined to type: Integer

Then it highlights line 101. Now I know what Integer values is and such, and I'm looking at it, I'm guessing that something need to either be some sort of string or some other reason I need to define something that is undefined. But since the only things on line 101 is " ) -- end for " I don't really get any smarter...

Please help? I would very much like to use this script, as the current on in 3DS Max, well, you allready prooved it flaws...

Patient (I'll try) and positive regards from Meph.

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Hey Man! This script works

Hey Man! This script works great with version 8 too. Spread the word that it tests great in Max Version 8. Thanks a bunch.

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thanks~~  nice script~

thanks~~  nice script~

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Thanks,I like tool.

Thanks,I like tool.

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