Oormi Tools

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Oormi Tools is a script which has a number of tools for everyday use. These are meant to be time-savers, click reducers and some are useful new features.

Update: New version 0.2 is now available.

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Summary of features: 

  • Image browser for reference images
  • Assign the image as texture map
  • Open texture map in Photoshop
  • Create reference plane from opened image
  • Create single poly, cap-less cylinders, ground
  • plane and quick lighting setups
  • Create QuadSphere and Quad Cylinders
  • Quick pivot positioning
  • Reset transform, smoothing, rename materials,
  • change wire colors
  • Render all views as a composite
  • Render with a logo or watermark
  • Incremental Save, Save Indicator

See the document link below for a full list of features and functions.


This script is free and open sourced for any kind of use and modifications.

Version Requirement: 
3ds Max 2011-2015
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