Open Float Help (O.F.H)

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This script allows the open Help and Tutorials file in floating windows.

Normally, the help max file is hancored to the working windows. If we closed Max, it's also closes the help. With script Float Open Help, the file help remains open no longer hancored to the Max. Is can also open file .chm, .pdf, .txt, htlm and Web page.

A Special Thanks to Graph  http://Graph.3D.Lc


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1- Unzip
2- Copy the folder "Michele71_Script"
3- Paste then into your folder Scripts in Max (like "C:\\Autodesk\3dsMax2010\Scripts")
4- Start 3DSMAX and run script "" inside the folder "Michele71_Script"
5- Go to "Costumize" > "Customize user interface" > "Menus"
6- In "Category" find "Michele71_Tools" and choose "OpenFloateHelp_WebExplorer"
7- Create new menu in list "Menus" and Drag and Drop the new menu in the "Main Menu Bar".
8- Drag and drop "OpenFloateHelp_WebExplorer" in new menu.

New feature:

Add Web Explorer

Important note:
Don't write "http://" in edittext in Web Explorer but start with "www."

Tested in Max 2010 64bit

Version Requirement: 
3dsMax 2010 but should work also in 3dsmax 9/2008/2009/2010/2011
Other Software Required: 
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