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Finally I have completed this package of poly scripts. Actually I wrote all these to speed up and improve my poly modeling workflow.

Orionflame fully functions under 3ds max 6 & 7.

Download the demonstration videos here!

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NOTE: 'The highly anticipated polygonal & subdivision surface modeling system - Orionflame 3 is finally released! This version includes countless improvements over version 2 and is written from ground up.' Visit www.orionflame.com for more details and example videos!

// Improved Tools //
Cap X [confirmed]
Chamfer X [confirmed]
Connect X v0.2 [modified for MAX 7]
Split X [confirmed]

// General Manipulation //
FraX [confirmed]
Jitter [confirmed]

// Vertex Manipulation //
Average Vertices X/Y/Z [confirmed]
Create Poly [confirmed]
Get P3 [confirmed]
Set P3 X/Y/Z [confirmed]
Move Pivot 2 Vertex [confirmed]

// Edge Manipulation //
Align Edges [confirmed]
Cap From Edge [confirmed]
Dissolve Edge Ring [confirmed]
Divide 2/3/4/5/X[confirmed]
Bridge Edges v0.2 [confirmed]
Fuse Edges v0.3 [confirmed]
Remove Edges [confirmed]

// Poly Manipulation //
Align Polys [confirmed]
Chop X/Y/Z [confirmed]
Clean All SGs [confirmed]
Detach 2 Element [confirmed]
Dissolve Poly [confirmed]
Explode 2 Elements [confirmed]
Explode Elements [confirmed]
Point Center [confirmed]

// Selection Tools //
Pola X v0.3 [confirmed]
Select (Limited) Vertex Loop/Ring v0.2 [confirmed]
Select (Limited) Edge Loop/Ring [confirmed]
Select (Limited) Poly Loop [confirmed]
Grow Poly Ring [rewrite] [confirmed]
Select Identical Polys [confirmed]
Select Vectoral Polys [confirmed]
Select Shared Vertices/Edges/Polys [confirmed]
Save And Load Sel [confirmed]
Clear SOs [confirmed]
Outline [confirmed]
Enclose Polys [confirmed]
Select More/Less Polys [confirmed]
Scatter Polys [confirmed]


Installation is pretty easy - because it's manual:)

1. Copy the scripts in 'Core Functions' folder to stdplugsstdscripts
2. Copy the scripts in 'Scripts with UI' folder to scripts
3. Copy the script in 'MacroScript' folder to UIMacroScripts
4. If you want to use the predefined UIs - copy the files in 'User Interface' folder to UI -- (Overwrite when necessary)
5. Copy icons in 'LOF Icons' folder to UIIcons and to UIdiscreet
6. Start MAX
7. Go to Customize > Customize UI
8. You should see the new category called 'Light's Orionflame'
9. You can use the supplied UIs or create a new one. All Orionflame tools are defined in quads - menus & toolbars in supplied UI files.
10. Enjoy!

*Don't expect the tools work the way you imagine - because they will work the way they are implemented. So I advise you to watch the videos before actually using the scripts. You can get the videos from my site. And they are frequently updated as I add new features to Orionflame!

Orionflame's History //
v2: 2 Predefined UIs | Icon File | Enclose Polys | Jitter | Scatter Polys | Select More/Less Polys | Bridge Edges v0.2 | Fuse Edges v0.3 | Pola X v0.3 | Select (Limited) Vertex Loop/Ring v0.2 | Chop X/Y/Z [rewrite] Create Poly [rewrite] | Dissolve Poly [rewrite][3] | Outline [rewrite][2] | Orionflame macroscript file [rewrite] Point Center [rewrite] | Remove Edges [rewrite] | Select Shared Vertices/Edges/Polys [rewrite]

Version Requirement: 
7; 6
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