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Orionflame is a production-proven polygonal & subdivision surface modeling system for 3ds max. This version includes countless improvements over version 2 and is written from the ground up.

Visit orionflame.com to view the extensive library of example videos showcasing a majority of the unique features Orionflame has to offer!

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NOTE this is a commercial script - a 20 session evaluation version is also available.

Orionflame 3 is officially confirmed to be fully compatible with 3ds max 8 - without any special release!

Update History:
020 - 08.07.2006 @ 01:47
Bridge & Fuse // Now handles 2 separate edge selections which are on the same loop
LOF Panel // Modified UI

019 - 20.05.2006 @ 07:54
Bridge & Fuse // Complete rewrite for single combination resulting a perfect integration

018 - 05.05.2006 @ 01:05
Dissolve Edges // Removed
Pola X v0.7 // New Version
Select Diagonals [Pola X] // New Feature

017 - 20.04.2006 @ 18:56
Code Cleanup & Speed Enhancements
Macroscripts // tied to LOF Panel
Connect X [Edit Edges] // Compact titlebar
Chamfer X [Edit Edges] // Compact titlebar
Extrude EX [Edit Edges] // Compact titlebar
Extrude PX [Edit Polygons] // Compact titlebar
Laser v0.4 [Edit Edges] // Redesigned UI

016 - 05.04.2006 @ 18:31
Support for Autodesk VIZ

015 - 20.03.2006 @ 06:20
S1 Surface // New Feature
Unify Normals // New Feature


The feature set of Orionflame focuses on three areas Selection - Modeling - and Workflow/Customization. Please visit the Orionflame features page for an extensive list of features more detailed than you want to read here. Note also on the same page all the feature links are to videos illustrating their usage.

-- Selection Features --
Selection is crucial for 3d modeling and sometimes can be tedious. Orionflame's extensive selection toolset is calibrated towards functionality and speed so you can select with ease.

-- Modeling Features --
Modeling is where Orionflame redefines what's possible in 3ds max while raising the bar for competing products.

-- Workflow & Customization --
Orionflame comes with various workflow enhancements and customization options. Take a look at some of these features here.

Version Requirement: 
8; 7; 6; 5
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