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Outrender lets you work in 3ds max during rendering.
It uses the standard command-line utility 3dsmaxcmd.exe to render current scene.
Just press outrender macroscript button and continue working - last saving of your scene will be automatically loaded and rendered in another special 3ds max window.

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Note: in 3ds max 2010-2012 macroscripts\ folder is located in ...maxroot\ui\, but in 3ds max 2013-2014 macroscripts\ folder is located in ...maxroot\

1. Close 3ds max if it's already opened
2. Copy folder outrender and file outrender.mcr to folder ...macroscripts\
3. Start 3ds max
4. Go to Customize/Customize User Interface/Toolbars, and create new toolbar.
5. Select "ScriptAttack" from Category list and drag label "outrender v1.0" to your toolbar. The button will be created there.
If you wish, you may drag the label to any standard toolbar without creating your own toolbar.

1. Remove outrender button from toolbar
2. Remove outrender folder and outrender.mcr file

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3ds max 2010 and up
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